09 2016


Midstream (2016-2018) challenges the concept of the audience as purely receptive figure. In an experimental setting with art institutions around Europe the two-year project aims at finding new hybrid “midstream” forms of publishing.
09 2016

They Were, Those People, a Kind of Solution

They Were, Those People, a Kind of Solution (2016-2018), a joint project coordinated by WHW (Zagreb), focuses on ever-changing strategies of dealing with the challenges of migration, which have developed alongside the priorities of filtering economic migration, such as integration or differential inclusion.

transversal texts

transversal texts is an abstract machine and text machine at once, territory and stream of publication, production site and platform – the middle of a becoming that never wants to become a publishing company. It consists of an experimental site for publishing books and e-books in multiple languages, the multilingual web journal transversal, and a blog on current news from the middle of translation, social movements, art practices and political theory.

Europe as a Translational Space: The Politics of Heterolinguality

A follow-up of the project "Translation: The Mother Tongue of a Future Society?", this two-year research project works with the concept of heterolingual translational processes and suggests "Europe" not only as a space in which translations occur, but as a space which in itself is to be translated.

Creating Worlds

Creating Worlds is a multiannual research project that investigates the relationship between art production and theory production in the context of the economic and political transformations of "cognitive capitalism".


Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation - The transnational multi-year research project *translate* aims at exploring the political articulation of the notion of cultural translation in artistic practices as well as in political social movements through a number of arts and exhibition projects, discursive events and networking practices from 2005 to 2008.


As a follow up of eipcp’s transnational project republicart (2002-2005) transform continues the research on political and artistic practices of institutional critique during the years 2005-2008. The project´s website can be found unter transform.eipcp.net.

Translation: The Mother Tongue of a Future Society?

In recent years, "cultural translation" has become one of the key concepts within cultural theory. It is supposed not only to overcome exclusivist or essentialist conceptions of culture as well as the theoretical shortcomings of multiculturalism, but also to provide perspectives for a new and productive dealing with cultural differences, for a new way of thinking universality, and even for a new "European language" based upon the practices of translation.

European Cultural Policies 2015 / workshop series

Started in 2005 with the book 'European Cultural Policies 2015' and a workshop at IASPIS (Stockholm), this series is organised by the eipcp in cooperation with different partners over Europe. In the second half of 2006 three workshops will take place in Helsinki, Pristina and Vienna/Linz.

Faculty for Radical Aesthetics

was eipcp's first experiment on putting up a transnational course researching the neighbouring zones of activism, art and political theory: From September 2005 to February 2006 15 artists, activists and theoreticians from all over Europe met for workshops, debates and discussions in Vienna, Linz, Barcelona and Hamburg.


was a transnational research project from 2002 to 2005, which promoted the investigation and development of interventionist and activist practices of public art.

Anticipating European Cultural Policies / Post Culture 2000

The position paper "Anticipating European Cultural Policies", that proposes a new set of terms and concepts to be deployed in the field of cultural politics, was written in 2002/2003. 'Post Culture 2000' was an attempt to operationalise and concretise the concepts in "Anticipating European Cultural Policies"; it roposes standards for the successor program of the European cultural framework program Culture 2000.

istanbul | moscow

Research project on strategies of resistance and forms of self-organization in the context of the dialectics of globalization in the field of culture. The project was carried out in 2002. The report (in german) is available in the publications section.

Ostwärts, Kultur! / Cultura Migrans

The workshops 'Ostwärts, Kultur!' (Budapest, H) and 'Cultura Migrans' (Potsdam, D) were conveyed in autumn 2000. The revised contributions to the workshops can be found in the first two issues of the webjournal transversal.

European Cultural Networks and Networking in CEE

This study was carried out in 1999/2000. The final report is available in the policies section.